P r o d u c t s

A selection of our exceptional Indian Single Malt Whiskies, meticulously crafted with decades of mastery since 1962. Each bottle tells a unique story of wood, time, and unwavering excellence, redefining the essence of Indian Single Malt.

Our handcrafted rums capture the vibrant allure and intricate craftsmanship of our distillery. Savour the finesse and sophistication that define this exceptional spirit, adding a spectrum of flavours to your moments with friends and family.


R o n D e U g a r C l a s s i c M a t u r e H a n d c r a f t e d R u m

Our Premium Aged Single Estate Rum is an elegant, refined style, reminiscent of the best rums. It is blended using mature rums aged between three to five years. A sipping rum with great character that has been slowly mellowed in our Oakwood casks. A medium-bodied rum with a delicate aromatic character, definitely easy for everyone. Its lightness and freshness make it ideal for warmer months too.

R o n D e U g a r B l a n c o R e s e r v e S i n g l e E s t a t e R u m

 Our Single Estate White Rum is a crisp and clean canvas, inviting you to embark on a journey of pure Indian spirit. On the nose, you’ll encounter fresh sugarcane and a hint of citrus zest, with a subtle undertone of vanilla. The palate is a dance of sweetness and light, offering notes of sugarcane juice, and a touch of coconut water. The finish is refreshingly smooth, leaving a faint echo of sugary sweetness.

R o n D e U g a r S p i c e R e s e r v e S i n g l e E s t a t e R u m

This Dark Indian Spice Rum is a sensory voyage through the vibrant flavors of the subcontinent. The nose is an exotic bouquet of aromatic spices like cardamom, cloves, and a hint of cinnamon. As it touches your palate, a burst of warming spices takes center stage, complemented by a melody of dark fruits and a subtle undertone of charred wood. The finish is a crescendo of spice and sweetness, leaving a lingering warmth and a tapestry of complex flavors.

U g a r A g e d 7 Y e a r s I n d i a n S i n g l e M a l t

Aged for a decade, this Indian Single Malt is a masterpiece of patience and craftsmanship. Its aroma is a tapestry of rich, deep flavors: think dried fruits like figs and dates, intertwined with the elegance of polished leather and a trace of tobacco. When you taste it, you’re greeted with an opulent symphony of dark chocolate, velvety caramel, and a whisper of well-seasoned oak. The finish is a luxurious, lingering affair, with a delicate wisp of smoke and a touch of dried spices.

U g a r A g e d 4 Y e a r s I n d i a n S i n g l e M a l t

This 4-year-old Indian Single Malt is a delightful balance of youthful vigor and mellow maturity. On the nose, you’ll be greeted with a harmonious blend of fruity notes. As you take your first sip, a gentle wave of honeyed sweetness dances on your palate, followed by a warming embrace of oak and a touch of nuttiness. The finish is long and satisfying, with a whisper of spice and a lingering suggestion of toffee.