Ugar Aged 7 Years Indian Single Malt

750ml |ABV 42.8%

Aged for a decade, this Indian Single Malt is a masterpiece of patience and craftsmanship. Its aroma is a tapestry of rich, deep flavors: think dried fruits like figs and dates, intertwined with the elegance of polished leather and a trace of tobacco. When you taste it, you’re greeted with an opulent symphony of dark chocolate, velvety caramel, and a whisper of well-seasoned oak. The finish is a luxurious, lingering affair, with a delicate wisp of smoke and a touch of dried spices.

Tasting Notes
  • Description: A masterpiece of patience and craftsmanship.
  • Nose: Dried fruits, polished leather, trace of tobacco.
  • Palate: Dark chocolate, velvety caramel, whisper of well-seasoned oak.
  • Finish: Luxurious, lingering with a touch of smoke and dried spices.
92/100 Austria
Daniele Cernilli:
94/100 Italy
Gambero Rosso​:
Tre bicchieri Italy