Ron De Ugar Classic Mature Handcrafted Rum

750ml | 180ml ABV 42.8%

Our Premium Aged Single Estate Rum is an elegant, refined style, reminiscent of the best rums. It is blended using mature rums aged between three to five years. A sipping rum with great character that has been slowly mellowed in our Oakwood casks. A medium-bodied rum with a delicate aromatic character, definitely easy for everyone. Its lightness and freshness make it ideal for warmer months too.

Tasting Notes
  • Description: Aged to perfection, exuding a rich, amber hue.
  • Nose: Caramelized brown sugar, toasted oak, subtle vanilla.
  • Palate: Toffee, touch of baking spices.
  • Finish: Indulgent and long, with oak-aged sweetness.
92/100 Austria
Daniele Cernilli:
94/100 Italy
Gambero Rosso​:
Tre bicchieri Italy