Ron De Ugar Spice Reserve Single Estate Rum

750ml | 180ml ABV 42.8%

This Dark Indian Spice Rum is a sensory voyage through the vibrant flavors of the subcontinent. The nose is an exotic bouquet of aromatic spices like cardamom, cloves, and a hint of cinnamon. As it touches your palate, a burst of warming spices takes center stage, complemented by a melody of dark fruits and a subtle undertone of charred wood. The finish is a crescendo of spice and sweetness, leaving a lingering warmth and a tapestry of complex flavors.

Tasting Notes
  • Description: A sensory voyage through vibrant Indian flavors.
  • Nose: Aromatic spices like cardamom, cloves, hint of cinnamon, rich molasses.
  • Palate: Warming spices, dark fruits, subtle charred wood.
  • Finish: Crescendo of spice and sweetness, leaving a lingering warmth.
92/100 Austria
Daniele Cernilli:
94/100 Italy
Gambero Rosso​:
Tre bicchieri Italy